Learn how to automate tasks with UiPath and Bizagi

RPAGeek’s article on how to automate tasks with UiPath and Bizagi is a practical way to present the synergy between these 2 great tools.

The solution covers a common Customer Service scenario where a customer sends an email related to many possible request types. Then a person has to analyze the email and make a decision based on the request. The automation reads and understands every received email.

Bizagi can be integrated with many external systems using different integration types and protocols. In some cases, there are repetitive or non-productive tasks that end-users still have to do.

As an example here is a list of most common ones:
– log into applications to search, copy and paste data
– retrieve emails and analyze their content
– store files in folders and register their data or metadata into a process
– register any information on an external website and save the results in a Bizagi process

UiPath robots look to emulate human intervention in these repetitive and non-productive tasks by interacting with other systems. As a result, it allows end-users to focus on tasks that add value to the business.
Together, UiPath and Bizagi can create powerful solutions for process innovation.

source: https://rpageek.com/learn-how-to-automate-tasks-with-uipath-and-bizagi/
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